Private Rooms

We can make you an interesting offer. We have rooms in private houses nearby (5-10 minutes walkway, max. 800m away from the hotel). The rooms are checked for Quality every month. They do not have seperate bathrooms and toilets, they are shared with the host family. The sanitary facillities are the main aspext of the quality-check, we guarante for the cleannes to ensure the best quality for you. We can offer almost only single rooms. If you need a double bed room, please ask seperatelly. There are up to 4 rooms in one house, if you would like to stay in a group.

The distance to the fair is 2 km, 15 minutes by public transportation (busstop right in front of the hotel).
During the Hannover-Fair times it is hard to find a good hotel near to the fair - ground. As we offer this service for over 3 years now, we can assure the quality, comfort and cleanness of these private housings.

We serve breakfast at the hotel-restaurant. Of course, breakfast is included in the price. All of the rooms are at least as comfortable as in our hotel.

Advantages for you:

  • Best quality, which we check every year

  • Billing and trusted reservation and booking is handled in the hotel - and we know what we are doing

  • The rates are absolutely fair

  • Even if Hannover has lots of guests, you get a comfortable place to sleep and rest


For information on room rates and availiability, please send an EMail.